Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Evening Post

I am trying to think of some good ideas for something to do.
It's Sunday night and I am rather bored.
I have considered going to the basement to watch a movie.
That still might happen. Depends really, on if I get bored of jabbering on the blog.
The problem I have with blogging is this...
I would like my blog to be profound and entertaining, but I found out after I started this blog that I rarely have anything profound to say that I am willing to share with the public... Yet.
Somethings have to wait until I rule out running for public office.
I was reading some of my previous blog posts and realized that I sound like a whiner and that my discontent is not entertaining.
It was a very sad moment for me.
This paragraph is a perfect example of what I am talking about so I will move on...

So even though I am still complicated, mysterious, and discontent I will strive to not whine nor bore with tedium of work, and religious ponderings.

Upon considering how to make this blog and ergo... the world... a better place I realized that a blog should have a purpose. Not necessarily a cause, but some kind of structure that provides an outlet for specific material.
Steph's blog is about the family.
But really its about her and the kids. Even then updates are few and far between. What kind of things could I blog about...
Things I like.
Things I want to do.
Mid life crisis material... I like to plan one every 5 years or so.

I tried to plan a midlife crisis for this summer... It didn't really work out but there is always next year... I am considering Buying a motorcycle... I shopped. I looked around at types and styles. I have always been a sport bike kind of guy but I don't want a bullet bike. I considered a "naked" sport bike... Mostly because I like to get "naked" and there would be multiple opportunities for humor with that option. I looked at the BWM motorcycles... they all seemed cumbersome. In the end I found that I was very interested in a street cruiser. And if a cruiser its going to be Harley Davidson is high in the running. The thing about buying a Harley is that you are not merely purchasing a motorcycle, you are adopting a culture. The Harley folks have done a great job with their marketing. But its true. I spent several hours at different Harely Davidson shops this spring. I've wittnesed it first hand. From organized local rides to extended road trips, or a carnival for the family at the shop... its all available. One thing to consider is that there are all types of people that ride Harley's and they all want to have a good time. Which means different things for different people. My ideas of fun are some what more conservative then some of the others I have seen. I still want one. A bike. We will see what next year brings.

New movies I have seen this summer... Avatar, Iron Man 2, Clash of the Titans, Knight and Day, Eclipse, and most recently Inception.

Avatar... Liked it. Visually stunning. Same story as Pocahontas? But we bought it on bluRay anyway.

Iron Man 2... Liked it. Was good. Not as good as the first but it didn't completely suck.

Clash of the Titans... Sucked. The first version was better. Sometimes remakes are not awesome.

Knight and Day... Tom Cruise movie... I think they are all the same. Just OK.

Eclipse... Best of the 3 so far. Getting tired of the entire "twilight" pop culture phenomenon. But will see the rest through to the end...
I love my twilight fan.

Inception... A dream within a dream within a dream. It was good. Cool concepts. Some of the plot/subplots were weak, but that is easily overlooked next to the complexity of the story.

Enough for tonight

Perhaps I can blog again next week.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas

Just had a Merry Christmas... Just thought you would like to know...
Sorry no Pictures yet.
We will see in the new year...